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Ginger – What effect does the healthy tuber have?

The winter season is officially here and so is the annoying cold season. Luckily, you can find this health booster almost everywhere. Find out here what healthy substances ginger contains, what effect it has on our health and what preparation options are available. Ginger has been used as a remedy in Chinese and Indian medicine … Read more


Protein – Essential for our body

At the moment, we are seeing a trend towards more and more protein products on the shelves of many supermarkets. The range of protein-rich supplements, such as high-protein chocolate bars and the like, is growing by the day. But why is protein so popular and healthy? And are protein supplements necessary or just a new … Read more

Sore muscles – What can you do?

It can be painful and unpleasant – sore muscles. Who hasn’t experienced it? Everything was fine during sport, but the next morning it’s hard to move your arms and legs. But how does sore muscles develop in the first place and what can you do about it? How does a sore muscle develop? Originally, it … Read more

Honey – A sticky sweet miracle

Honey is a well-known miracle weapon against colds, inflammation of the throat and difficulty falling asleep – we already know this from our childhood. But this household remedy can do much more! Honey can strengthen the immune system, support liver functions and even detoxify. In recent years, the secrets of the golden viscous substance have … Read more

Superfoods and good Alternatives

Superfoods are very much in vogue. Goji berries, avocados or chia seeds are among the most popular trendsetters among healthy foods. Manufacturers advertise the often rather exotic foods as true ‘superfoods’, which are supposed to lower cholesterol levels and strengthen the immune system, for example. Yet chia seeds, goji berries and the like are often … Read more

Slim with intermittent fasting – the trend in check

Intermittent fasting is supposed to make the pounds fall faster than other diets and have a positive effect on the human body – so proponents of the trend diet. Their euphoria draw supporters from various animal studies, which attribute a life-extending and weight-regulating effect to the interval fasting. But are these study results transferable to … Read more

This New Discovery Is Helping Millions Get Fit And Reduce Their Food Cravings Naturally

advertisement (Berlin, Germany) — A groundbreaking new discovery could help millions of people get back the metabolism they had when they were younger, according to a recent report. “Everyone is focused on avoiding “bad foods” or “good foods” “, explains Johannes Mocher, a well-known health expert, “but the latest research shows that what really matters … Read more